July 8, 2010


Things to be excited about in the next month-ish:

• Enjoying the new house with Scott + relaxing
Wednesday night Zumba classes!
• A few Thursday nights out in Delaware with Philly friends
• Bachelorette party in South Carolina for Kelly
• Mom + Sister-in-Law's five-day visit to Delaware + NYC
Eat veggies from our garden
• Kelly & Aaron's wedding in Connecticut

• Helping my former professor set up the UD Letterpress Studio
• Getting a puppy
• Labor Day in the Poconos with college friends

This girl is a happy girl.

Mumford & Sons

The Cave, by Mumford & Sons.

NPR's All Songs Considered has the best music recommendations, always.
We love the podcast.


July 6, 2010


Scott kindly supervised and instructed me through my first grilling practice, from having me pour the huge bag of coals in the chimney, to promising the chimney handle wasn't too hot to touch, to pretending to be interested in the 20+ photos I took of a bunch of veggies (or maybe he was actually interested?).

Our party leftovers are cooked up and lunch is ready to take to work for the whole week!

Our new grill is a Weber One-Touch Gold, recommended by both my brother (Trent) and Bill. With the chimney starter, those coals are ready in 10 minutes. We love it so far!

Pics of our Independence Day party to come as soon as I can mooch them off my photographer friends. Complete with slip 'n slide, sparklers and lots of delicious potluck goodies.

Treasure Hunting

Found this little gem for $3.95 at Salvation Army. Love the little clasp on the top. I'm hooked on thrift shopping lately.

July 5, 2010

Kelly's Wedding Shower

That's the bride-to-be in the middle, with two of her bridesmaids (Becca and me!). College roommates! Finally a framable picture of the three of us. Can't wait for the celebration in August. It's going to be a beautiful lake-side wedding in Connecticut.

(Photo courtesy of Becca — thanks!)


Megan, Eric, Scott @ 700 Club.

July 2, 2010

June Birthdays

Happy birthday to the lucky kids with summertime celebrations:

Sam, former Visual Communications classmate + talented artist in a variety of media. Check out her sweet murals!

Don, Scott's dad, who treats me like I'm one of the family (and I love it), inspects my car when he's in town, and cooks up the most grand Italian feasts whenever we trek up to Connecticut (including the family's secret-recipe cinnamon sauce).

Becca, talented photogapher, college roomie + partner in many creative collaborations. Hire this girl for your wedding photography. Seriously. She's good. (Website currently being updated).

Anne, one of my best friends from elementary school. Lives so close (DC) and yet we still haven't met up in years. This should be remedied in the next year.

Megan, the newlywed! One of my favorite new people from Philadelphia : )

Mich, another crucial part of the Philadelphia pack! I am determined not to let the 60 miles between Delaware and Philly separate us from these new friends!

Amanda, former Baltimore roomie — we bonded over cultivating new hobbies together (speaking of which, did you ever take a jewelry class? I bought all of those supplies and never did! Adding it to the list of things to do!)

Above: This is the cake I made for Megan. I picked up an offset spatula and wow! It was so much easier to make a more beautiful cake. The fresh berries don't hurt, either. Same recipe as the last one. See the difference the spatula made? Only trouble is that the cake is sooo moist that both times I've made it, the bottom layer fell apart when I took it out of the pan. I managed to hide the mistake pretty well, but any advice for how to avoid this, and still keep the cake deliciously moist?

Squash Blossom + Tillin'

Ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to (finally) present my first squash blossom. Scott tells me this means I'm getting some squash. And you know what that means? I'm about to get my first home-grown vegetable EVER. From SEED!

...though I suppose I shouldn't count my chickens before they've hatched. If any squirrels get in the way of my glory, they're so dead.

Our little garden is pretty sparse right now, but the transplants are looking happier every day. Here's a photo from a few weeks ago of Scott tillin' up the land...

...I'm even kinda crazy 'bout his farmer's tan. (Oh yes I did go there).

This blogging thing comes in waves for me. I feel a wave coming on. A wave where I actually take decent pictures, avoid excessive exclamation points and ellipses, and maybe even design the header. But first, we must finish unpacking.