June 11, 2010

Sweet Potato Gone Wild

Grandma Peggy, you were right! This little guy is growing out of control! It sprouted from the top, the sides, and from underneath (and worked its way up out of the water). Now how the heck do I plant it?

And these guys are just begging for more light. So soon, guys, you'll have a big south-facing back yard to sunbathe in. So soon! Will you hold out for me, please? Just three more days till I move you! Squash and zucchini — I vow to upgrade you to a huge container if you'll just stay in the game. Pretty please?

Gardeners — have I already destroyed them by not giving them enough sunlight in their early stages?

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Anonymous said...

Dearest One:

I don't know about planting the sweet potato vine. Always just had it in the window. Guess you would just plant it as is.
I certainly do not qualify as one to give much advice regarding gardening...my experience is mostly if it grows, that's great...if not...well, try, try again.
But I think the seedlings look healthy. Know they will enjoy their new home...as I hope you and Scott do too!

Will be awaiting pictures.

Love, forever and beyond, G. Peggy