June 10, 2010

May Birthdays

Happy belated birthday to all of my May-birthday friends:

Erica, my most giggly college roommate.
Her giggle can make anyone laugh.

, a friend from college + Baltimore.
Serious beer-brewer.

, a friend from college.
Full of great stories from his adventures.

, my college mentor.
Cupcake baker extraordinaire.

Joey, a friend from college.
World-traveling, moment-catching photographer.

, my younger brother, my friend, my mechanic.
Master of bringing our family together, and master of the grill.

(aka "Gran," not pictured), my lovely grandma.
Makes perfect "animal pancakes," and the most delicious strawberry rhubarb crisp.

, my sister-in-law. My favorite sister, in fact!
Inspiring teacher + perfect addition to our family.

, my college great-great-mentee.
Newly graduated + heading off to study in China. Congrats!

Aren't they a fun + happy-looking bunch? Cheers!

If I missed you, please tell me : )

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