April 10, 2010

Week 4: Seedlings

Today is the beginning of week four (day 21 since planting). Look how tall the zucchini and squash are! Check out those roots on the left. I'm trying to stall on transplanting them into pots since I don't have any yet (eep). How much longer can I wait? Also, should I be worried about those yellowish flimsy leaves on the one in the front/center? My instincts tell me that maybe it is getting sunburned since it's rightnextto a very sunny glass window. Plant doctors — any advice? Here is a close-up.

Edit: I think I may have solved it. The tin foil I used to protect the tray from water damage has been reflecting blinding light onto the leaves. Fixed!

I spy a cilantro leaf.

Pepper sprouts are looking happy.

I also thinned things out this week. I always resist that part, but I cleaned house so there is only one squash/zucchini plant per cup, and only two sprouts in all of the other cups (basil, chives, cilantro, parsley, peppers & tomato).

Nothing from the sweet potato yet, but I suspect it might take a couple of weeks. Some people say they sprout right away, others say it can take six weeks. We shall see.

Thanks for following along!

PS Just got a brand new copy of You Grow Girl, which looks like an AWESOME resource so far. Planning to dig into it more this weekend. I also ordered this one, but it's on back-order until May at Amazon. Aboo.

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