April 7, 2010

Florida VIII

And this is the last of my Florida photo collection.
It's kind of ugly but I like it.

: ) And I'm ready to go back!

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Anonymous said...

The Florida pictures were great.
Sounds like a wonderful adventure; so happy you could have time with family and enjoy the wonders of God's creation.

The bread looks and sounds soooo good. I love a crunchy crust! and I certainly admire your Easter Bunny's taste!

And the flower....Isn't it just amazing what one beautiful bloosom can do for our spirit, our soul, and our day.

As the spring bulbs begin to bloom and I begin to plan window boxes, planters, and little garden spots, I was wonering if I might post a "picture of the week". Maybe on Fridays. Haven't decided yet.

Love Ya forever...and beyond.
G. Peggy