April 15, 2010

April Birthdays

Happy Birthday Kevin, Lindsay, Allie, Alison, Andres, Scott, Madison, Greg, Kate, BethAnne, Uncle Stephen, Charlotte, Michael, Rick, and Jesse!

I love birthday faces. Ya know, the face someone makes just after their friends and family sing Happy Birthday, and just before they make their wish and blow out the candles. It's often a touch awkward, because someone is yelling to wait for the camera, but there's always a hint of the giddiness of a five-year old. I think Scott's birthday face is particularly cute.

If your birthday is in April and I missed you on this list, please let me know!

On a somewhat related note... though my cake decorating skills are a disaster, this simple chocolate cake recipe is delicious. I used boiling coffee instead of boiling water, to add richness. For icing/filling, I whipped up some heavy cream, and added some cocoa and a tiny pinch of sugar. The sweet cake balances out the bitter chocolate whipped cream. It's my new go-to birthday cake recipe. What is yours?

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Kevin said...

Wow.. what a nice surprise to see a birthday greeting and link :) how wonderful. hope you're well Sarah!

dig your bloggin'