March 9, 2010

Weekend in DC

Last weekend we drove down to DC to visit Courtney and Becca.
We crammed a lot into two days!

- Told stories and drank too many margaritas in Courtney's kitchen
- Played buck hunter and skeeball at Rocket Bar
- Walked around the mall all afternoon (gorgeous sunny and 50ยบ!)
- Watched a group of dancing kids ham it up in front of the Washington Monument
- Discovered the best little restaurant in China Town
- Baked gooey butter cake on somewhat of a whim
- Watched The Hurt Locker, which had me on the edge of my seat
- Took a few photos near Courtney's neighborhood on Sunday morning

AND! We made it back to Philly by 2pm Sunday, which left us with plenty of time to explore the huge Asian supermarket, walk to Reading Terminal Market, do some laundry, relax, and watch the Oscars. An amazing weekend, I'd say.

Thanks for being an awesome hostess, Courtney! We had a great time.


Brody said...

Sounds like fun! I'm about ready for a weekend in DC myself...

How did your gooey butter cake turn out? Mine was delish, I'm already trying to justify making another one!

Suzanne said...

I was happy to see you blogging again! I check back frequently and always enjoy your updates.

Sarah Erin said...

Brody -- Let me know the next time you're headed to the states! The gooey butter cake turned out pretty delicious, but it's so rich that we couldn't finish it before it got stale. Shoulda brought it into work.

Suzanne -- Thanks for the comment! I get so happy when I get comment notifications : ) It's been so nice talking to you more lately!