March 20, 2010

Week 1: Seed Starting

Three little planters of each — basil, chives, cilantro, parsley, tomato, squash, zucchini & peppers. I lined the box with plastic wrap and put a few seeds in each little pot (knowing I'll have to thin them out eventually). The pots are biodegradable so transplanting should be a breeze. After taking pics, I covered the whole thing with plastic wrap*, poked a few teeny holes, and put it in our big south-facing window.

Some things, like the squash, I'm afraid I might be starting too early in the season.
Buttt if the squash does well, we may be gifting a couple of the seedlings to friends. I hear one squash plant is plenty.

Keep your fingers crossed for me! I'm going to be so excited if I even get one veggie out of this bunch.

Advice is still always welcome (especially if you notice anything I am doing wrong). I'm planning to post weekly progress : )

*Edit: should I take the plastic wrap off so the seeds have better air circulation? Don't want them to get too moist and then moldy. Hmmmmm...


Rachel said...

I'd suggest leaving the ends of your mini-greenhouses open, like tunnels. When I was working on the organic farm this February, the farmer there had a bunch of greenhouses like this, and they seemed to work well -- they managed to keep out a significant amount of wind and trap in more sunlight, but also let enough air pass through so that nothing got moldy (because I think your fear might be right).

Are you trying to do this organically?

Sarah Erin said...

Ooh good tip!

Not going organic with this -- I used miracle grow potting soil. Ha. I can't decide whether organic is worth it or not. Scott insists that it's not a big deal.

I assume you're an organic advocate?

Kiersten said...

Scott would.

Tell him that the German invention that developed the use of nitrogen in fertilizer made it possible for Hitler to fight in WWII. (actually true.)

hahaha, but I'm sure Miracle Grow isn't that bad!