January 11, 2010

Trip Planning

We're thinking of planning a trip. Scott studied Spanish for about five years but hasn't been to a Spanish-speaking country, so that would be fun. Or maybe we could visit friends some place. We're also open to some kind of a volunteer trip.

We're thinking somewhere on this side of the world (for the sake of time + money).

Where should we go? Have you been some place that you highly recommend, or have a place we can crash?

Excited to explore the options!


Kiersten said...

Well, you know you're always welcome to come to Salt Lake City!

Rachel said...


Kiersten said...

Scott said you guys are thinking Central America?
Do you want to do like sport stuff (rafting, zip lines in the rainforest) or more tourist, delish food, cute boutiques, relaxing stuff?

Sarah Erin said...

Rachel — Sigh, we would LOVE to go to France and England to visit you and Bill, but the flights are so much more $, and Scott has a seriously limited # of days off. Alas, I'll live vicariously through your blog.

Kiersten — Visiting you in Utah could actually make a lot of sense. Especially while you are still living there! Ponder ponder. Will discuss with Scott. I haven't been skiing in forever, and it would be fun to see your hometown!

If we go to Central America, I think the more adventurous stuff would be fun. I'm up for a rustic/adventurous/beach combo.