January 18, 2010

Mozzarella Making

Becca tweeted this guide to make your own mozzarella.

Now I want to try it. Have you ever made it?


Avi said...

I've been meaning to make some for a while. Rennet isn't available anywhere in Newark, so I've been looking for places to buy online. Let me know if you want a partner!
Besides Scott, obv.


Sarah Erin said...

Looks like we might be able to get rennet at Whole Foods, according to the comments section.

If not there, I'm sure we can find it at the Italian market in Philly.

Sounds like a good excuse to have a mini cheese-making party. I'll let you know!

Rachel said...

oooh i must make this... i have made mozzarella before, but i started with the curds and didn't separate them myself -- cucina makes their own mozz and buys the curds from an amish farmer somewhere in delaware, so maybe you could go in there and ask pasquale where the farm is? the cheese stretching process was really easy and i put my mozz balls in olive oil with spices, which was awesome

careful though, if you stretch it too much or use too hot of water the cheese gets too stiff, kinda like what happens if you knead bread too much