January 25, 2010

#6: Houseplants 101

#6 on the list of 25 things to do before I turn 26 is complete!

Saturday I went to Terrain to take a gardening class: Houseplants 101. The store itself is rustic, calming and whimsical. The gorgeous products and displays are great inspiration, so I didn't mind spending a bit extra on a couple of items (which were a little overpriced). A nice treat!

The class was a wonderful deal. For $15, there was an hour long lecture, and then an hour of help selecting a plant, a pot and help with potting the plant (plant + pot cost extra). I got some really basic questions answered, such as, "Is this pot big enough?" "Am I packing the soil too tightly?" "How high should it sit in the pot?" and "Can you show me how to tease and massage the roots?" I had read about these things, but getting some hands-on instruction was great.

The photo above is my new rosemary plant, which will soon be placed in our cool, drafty, sunny south-facing window sill (after it rests in the shade for the week because of the shock of being repotted). It smells so delicious. We're going to make this tonight (recommended by the teacher).

In the next week or so, I'll post some of what I learned about light, watering, soil, topsoil, potting, fertilizer, herbs and pests.

Oh, and on a sidenote, I went to this class all by myself! I get anxious about driving to new places alone (especially places 30+ minutes away). And! I think the last time I entered a classroom without knowing anyone else was three years ago. It was a small challenge for me, and it made me feel really good to push myself. Everyone was so nice, and I had a really great time : )


Blessed said...

I will be looking forward to "house plant hints" to be posted in days ahead.

Pork roast sounds wonderful!

Love, G. Peggy

ayonch said...

Woohoo! I'm glad you ended up going. Let's garden together sometime :)