January 28, 2010

#4: Enter a Design Competition

I think I found a design competition I'd like to enter:

READY SET is a limited edition collection of prints that will be designed by you and letterpress printed by Gilah Press + Design. Of all submissions received, only ten artworks will be selected for inclusion in the finished limited edition boxed set. Entries will be judged for concept, design, illustration and typography.

“Fly” is the first collection’s theme and is entirely open to your interpretation.

Once the jury has sorted through the initial submissions, each of the 10 chosen artists will be contacted for a final AI/EPS file of their artwork. We will letterpress the artwork, produce an edition of 110 and each of the winning artists will receive their own boxed set of prints.

After all is said and done, Gilah Press + Design will host a READY SET studio show where each of the letterpressed artworks will be put on display. The completed boxed sets will also be available for purchase at that time. And we certainly can’t forget about all of the delicious food and wine we’ll be consuming to celebrate. Soon afterwards, the sets will also be listed for sale on this website.

This will satisfy another one on the list:
04. Submit work to a Design Competition or Show.

Also, since I'll be designing it in the next week,
I think I may count it as my January design project.

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