January 4, 2010

#25: January Date

Don't we look happy? This month's secret date was a trip to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. We enjoyed it more than it looks like we did. Right, Scott? He loves when I take pictures of him at museums. ; )

After the museum we zipped over to Reading Terminal Market for flowers, gyros (for lunch) and produce.

I think I like this date planning thing.

(Top: Marcel Duchamp, Bottom: ???, Joan MirĂ³)


rebecca said...

1) Scotty looks thrilled.
2) I am loooooooving your bangs.
3) Yay museums & yummy food!

Miss you, love. Happy New Year :)

Kiersten said...

But I'm a little confused on what a 'secret' date entails...

Sarah Erin said...

Thank you Becca! Three cheers : )

Kiersten, I was thinking maybe I didn't pick the best title for those dates. By secret, I just mean that I am going to plan them and not tell Scott what we're doing until the day-of. So, blogging the events afterwards is allowed! What ever would I do if I couldn't blog?

Kiersten said...

Oooh! Ok, I just wasn't sure who it was secret for haha! that's a great idea!