December 31, 2009

25 Before 26

I've spent some time brainstorming goals, adventures and challenges for the next year (and I had great help from Becca). Some questions I focused on: What makes me happy? What makes me feel confident? What do I look forward to? What am I afraid of? What can I do for others?

Here's the list:

01. Monthly Design Project
02. Launch Etsy Shop
03. Hire Ampersander Studios for Etsy Shop promotions
04. Submit work to a Design Competition or Show
05. Cooking Class: Knife Skills
06. Gardening Class: Houseplants 101 (Check!)
07. Jewelry Class: Basic Beading
08. Dance Class: Couples Dancing (Check!)
09. Self-Date: Go to dinner & a movie by myself
10. Finish crocheting the blanket from last year
11. Bake no-knead crusty bread (Check!)
12. Read a book a month
13. Design something to benefit the UD Honors Program
14. Explore a First Friday (Check!)
15. Meet with a personal trainer
16. Begin a MWF workout routine (Check!)
17. Visit my family and old friends in St. Louis
18. Surprise my coworkers with something
19. Send homemade birthday cards/gifts
20. Write more letters
21. Meet with an advisor about obtaining my Teaching Certification
22. Volunteer with students
23. Annual Girls' Weekend (April 16–18) (Check!)
24. Begin a new tradition with friends
25. Plan a monthly secret date with Scott (Check: Jan, Feb, March, April, May)

And there are many more things that I'm already planning on (weddings, reunions, traveling). 25 things added up fast.

I'm pretty excited.

What are you hoping to achieve in the next year?

(See last year's here).

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