September 30, 2009

Nobody Knows Me At All

This little ditty
popped up on my
Last.FM radio station this morning.
By The Weepies.

I like.

The National Parks on PBS

© Sarah Rosenthal, 2009

Excited to watch the documentary film series
The National Parks: America's Best Idea by Ken Burns.

Don't have cable at the moment, but good news!
You can watch it online for a limited time (for free!).

Via Good.

September 29, 2009

I Like Wayne Pate's Art

© GoodShapeDesign, 2009

And I like his name.

September 27, 2009

From the Top of My Heart

© Denny Renshaw

Scott, Bill and I were lucky enough to score tickets to Sufjan Stevens concert at a teeny, tiny venue (Johnny Brenda's) last week. He played a bunch of new music, and I've been itching to hear it again but haven't been able to find it. Finally someone from a later concert posted this — Impossible Souls:

I loved three of the new songs, including these (though they do drag on a bit—would like to hear tighter versions). I'm still in search of my favorite, though, which had the lovely lyric, "I love you from the top of my heart." What a great line. Let me know if you know where to find that song! Or if you even know the title.

And a little bit more — There's Too Much Love:

September 25, 2009

Recent Work

© Sarah Rosenthal, 2009

I just posted some of my most recent work on my Facebook page, including a few different concepts + the chosen one.

It was particularly fun to work on these because I used to live right down the street from Bad Decisions. It's the kind of place where you make friends every time you go. Like Cheers, but with flaming shots.

And it's becoming rather known for its monthly bacon + beer happy hour.

You should go. And buy a shirt.

: )

September 24, 2009

All The Single Babies

I love this baby so much.

September 21, 2009

Freelance Design Update

Just wanted to share something I'm excited about: I have a new freelance gig at The University of Delaware. I'm designing a few days a week for the College of Engineering. So far I've been designing posters, postcards, recruitment brochures and alumni newslettery goodness. I especially like having the opportunity to design some multi-paged materials with lots of copy, which I haven't done in a little while (some might think I'm crazy, but I'm being sincere!). I love me some InDesign paragraph styles.

I'm still open for other freelance projects as well, and have had a pretty awesome variety lately. I worked with Caspari McCormick to create a press kit with customizable stationery for the Delaware Children's Museum. I'm wrapping up a t-shirt design for one of my favorite neighborhood spots in Baltimore (thank you John). And! I'm working with Brody to create some thank you stationery that complements the wedding invites I designed for her. Going to print them on my fancy new printer.

I've had much fun working on these projects, and I feel fortunate to have such great clients/collaborators. Thank you. And thanks to all of my lovely new fans on facebook!

As always, if you or a friend are in need of design, please get in touch with me. I'd love to hear what you've got in mind.

That's all of my shameless self-promo for now ; )

Hope you had a delightful weekend.

[Above // Part of my view when I'm designing at home: S, front window, and my new curtains from Mom]

September 16, 2009

States United

this print is lovely
by Beauchamping on Etsy
discovered it here

We Make Words

This little blog makes me smile:

"we like words. and we like arranging objects. and we like taking photos too. so we invented up a little project to keep our over-active imaginations occupied. we take it in turns to photograph a word made of things, each word somehow relates with the word that has gone before. we like this idea."


September 15, 2009

Trailer: New York, I Love You

Would like to see this one, too! In theatres October 16th.

Also need to see Paris, Je T'Aime : )

September 7, 2009

Labor Day

Time for fun facts about Labor Day. Yay! Grabbed a few lines from here:

• Labor Day is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers

• It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.

• The first Labor Day holiday was celebrated in 1882

September 3, 2009

New Favorite Flower

Though its name is ridiculous, my new favorite is the Ranunculus.

[Photo from the story girl's Flickr stream]

September 2, 2009

Couch Searching

I've been browsing craigslist for a new couch for a while, just waiting for a perfect treasure. Been hoping for a chocolate brown leather comfy goodness, or perhaps something with a bit more personality (but still comfortable!). Today I came across a craigslist posting that linked to this blog, FoundMod. They collect and sell mid-century furniture in the NJ/NY/PA area, and boy do they have a good eye.

Here are some of their previous finds (photos from FoundMod's blog):

Check out these beauties! Oh, the lines! The simplicity! The perfectly placed details! So lovely.

I've now been drooling for about an hour.

I generally don't even like blue for myself, but I'd gladly put any of these in my living room. Unfortunately they don't have any couches for sale at the moment, but I'll be checking back often.

I almost didn't want to share this, for fear of one of you snapping up the next gem, but I was just too excited. Excited about couches. Yes. It's like I'm a grown-up.

September 1, 2009

On that note...

I'm thankful for my weekly chat dates with Becca + Kelly : )
I sooo look forward to them. See you (online) tonight!

And I love when my mom calls me on Sunday evenings.
It gives me that warm, fuzzy Sunday feeling.

Annnd! I'm thankful to the folks at Caspari McCormick,
for hiring me to help with a few really fun design projects.


My favorite ways to show thanks from here:

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2. Give a free hug

3. Give a little gift

4. Acknowledge someone publicly

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