August 17, 2009

New Biz Cards

Hello, Monday! Hope you all had a delightful weekend.
I designed new business cards and had them printed by Moo:

Very pleased with the prompt customer service (I emailed to ask if they print their own logo on biz cards—they do not), cost, speed, print quality and recycled paper.


Blessed said...

would like to have one.

Love ya...big time!

G Peggy

Suzanne said...

I like them a lot! I see a career here...first Chris's cards and now yours?!

Sarah Erin said...

Hello Peggy + Suzanne! Thanks for commenting.

Peggy, perhaps you'll get one soon : ) Do you have a color preference?

Suzanne, I sure hope I have a career in this! Hehe. Of course, if you know anyone who needs some design, I'm available!