August 14, 2009

Goat Cheese Zucchini Pizza

Om nom nom! Eating whatever is in season has been so madly delicious lately. One of the perks to having lots of free time is that I'm able to make things from scratch and experiment with trying new recipes. Boy oh boy, have we found some good ones!

This is another recipe from Smitten Kitchen. Don't skimp on the lemon—follow it exactly as she says—it gives it a great little bite.

I'm amazed so far that there is not a single recipe on the Smitten Kitchen blog that I've wanted to tweak. Everything tastes perfectly seasoned.


Lorraine said...

This sounds killer good!

Sarah Erin said...

Thanks for the comment! Always nice to know that people read this ol' blog from time to time.

Scott and I decided that this recipe is absolutely a keeper, if not a once-a-weeker when zucchini is in season, especially since we know where to get that huge $5 log of goat cheese at the Italian Market. Mmm mm good.