August 11, 2009

Jewelry Inspiration: Sulu

Love these by Sulu. $15.

And pretty much everything by Sulu, really.

[Photo from here]


Blessed said...

Have you ever thought about making your own jewlery?

Your Aunt Debi is learning to do this, and has made some really beutiful pieces.
On one of our trips into Gatlinberg, we stopped in at a store that gave lessons and sold supplies. A really neat place.

And I am always fascinated by the wonderful jewlery artists at the various craft fairs.

You would be very good at this, I am sure.

Love Ya, forever....and then some,
G. Peggy

Sarah Erin said...

Hello Grandma Peggy!

Why yes, I have thought about making my own jewelry! I bought a bunch of supplies a few months ago, and then so much came up that I've put it on the back burner. I really would love to take a class before long so that I can dive into it. I'm so eager to learn new things lately.

Would love to see Aunt Debi's work. I had no idea!

Thanks for the comment. You always make me feel so loved. Love you too!