August 21, 2009


These are the treasures my mom and I scored when she visited. Thank you, Fabric Row! The 1970's yellow spiral will be our new curtains for our front window. The 1940's vintage black print has metallic gold in it. Pretty sure my knees buckled when we discovered it.

Mom took 'em both home and sewed up some lovely gifts for us. The 1940's print is now a set of beautiful cloth napkins. And I'll take pictures of the new drapes in the window as soon as we get a curtain rod.

Thank you, MOM! I feel so lucky!

In the meantime, the rest of our living room is coming right along. So far, it's a nice mix of gifts from family, craigslist gems, and ikea fillers:

A Note from Mom (because I keep interchanging "drapes" with "curtains"):

Vocab lesson: A curtain is a flat panel of fabric (these are curtains). A drape has sewn in pleats (it "drapes" just from hanging there, not gathered on a rod). So minor...probably only interiors teachers and designers know the diff.

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