May 22, 2009

Got a Hobby

I was feeling a little bored with myself, so I decided to pick up a new hobby.

Anybody know much about jewelry-making? Particularly beading—simple necklaces and earrings? Let me know if you have recommendations for online stores. I am in search of quality, hypoallergenic hardware (clasps and hooks) in warm tones (gold/brass/dark gray).

I'm totally psyched after my first bead-buying excursion with Amanda.

My obsession has begun.


samtaters said...

I used to ATTEMPT to make jewelry a year or so ago. I got way into it. It's really addictive but it got super expensive for me. Check out Annie (@ImogeneANDannie)'s bead shop on Etsy:

elizabeth said... --good deals --great stuff

Have fun!

Sarah Erin said...

Eek, yeah, Sam, I could foresee it getting expensive. Maybe eventually I could sell some to justify it.

Thanks, Elizabeth!