May 3, 2009

24 before 25 Progress

Here's a little update on my list! I haven't taken many pictures of all of these things, but I promise they really happened. It feels good to write out what I've been up to : )

Visit Kelly and Becca
Visited last week! Chatting, margaritas, song-writing...
Had such a ball that I forgot to take pics.
Becca, please send yours : ) More visits already being planned!

06. Become involved with the UD alumni association
Went to a meeting in bmore, and just signed up for this.

19. Go on a Baltimore harbor water taxi bar crawl with friends
April 18th we crawled around the harbor.
'Twas a gorgeous day with many pirates and cheerleaders.

22. Go to a restaurant I haven't yet been to in Baltimore
Finally experienced Rocket to Venus! The food is awesome.
Mac + cheese with green onions and kalamata olives, anyone?
Or how about some fried pickle spears, hmmm?

I miss blogging. Gotta break the camera out and get back to it.


Samantha said...
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samtaters said...

I can help you scratch the Bmore restaurant itch. I love to try new places! Let me know if you ever need a partner in crime!