April 3, 2009

Letter Rings

Love these stackable letter rings in gold. I get excited when I find reasonably priced jewelry that I won't be allergic to. Sadly, I'm allergic to all silvers—even the stuff that says "hypoallergenic" sometimes gets me. It stinks.

$60, by Tinahdee on Etsy.


samtaters said...

I love Etsy to death, but my wallet / bank account do not! Damn you, beautiful things!

LOVE these. Remind me of those alphabet beads I used to make bracelets when I was younger.

Sucks about your allergy. I can't wear ANYTHING but silver and gold. Ha!

Sarah Erin said...

Haha, I know... sometimes people just think I'm trying to get myself some expensive jewelry. But really, it's not pretty when I wear something I'm allergic to.