February 4, 2009


Sometimes, lately, I dream of selling almost everything I own, and using the money to travel across the country, for as long as the money lasts. And I'll take a thousands of pictures along the way. And I'll meet all kinds of people. And I'll see all kinds of things. And I'll experience all kinds of things.

And then I can figure it all out from there.

Anybody want to join me?


diverted said...

I'd enjoy that. Don't know if I can get away from my responsibilities. Funny how life ebbs and flows. Would be nice if we could all get on the"ebb"at the same time.

Sarah Erin said...

Haha if you sold everything you owned, you could probably go a lot further than I ; )

That would sure be nice. I would love to plan another like the Costa Rica trip before too long. Hopefully it's in the cards.