February 7, 2009

24 things I've done since turning 24

I got really inspired by Andrea's lists at Hula Seventy. She makes a list at each birthday of all the most interesting things she did that year, and she makes a new list of all the things she wants to experience in her next year.

It's not my birthday, but I felt I could use a boost—a sense of accomplishment—as well as some things to look forward to. So here we go! Just the things I could think of in the last hour.

24 things I've done since I turned 24:

01. Voted for Obama!
02. Belted out songs on Guitar Hero at Marielle + Ben's house
03. Ate wings + played buckhunter with the LP crowd
04. Hit my brakes to miss a deer that ran right in front of my car on I95
05. Met up with UD Visual Communications alumni at Dana's
06. Was challenged to my first
ping pong tournament
07. Baked nine loaves of pumpkin bread, took part in a pumpkin bake-off
08. Got a new bike and road for the first time since I was a kid
09. Designed my first nonprofit foundation logo
10. Went to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade with Scott + his family
11. Started crocheting my first blanket project
12. Moved in with great, fun, happy new roommates
13. Walked to work, walked to the grocery store
14. Did my first black friday shopping
15. Toured my dad's new office + designed their collateral
16. Helped my mom make + launch her website
17. Handmade almost every Christmas present I gave
18. Played Dr. Mario with my brothers, like old times + Suzanne!!
19. Helped my PeggyMom design her newsletter
20. Worked at a job I really loved, then became part of history
21. Ate cheese steaks from Jim's with Scott
22. Drank Mojitos at Little Havana to celebrate Marielle's bday
23. Went on three job interviews
24. Had a fabulous girl's night + dinner + card games at home

Oh, and bonus! Rediscovered the beauty of plain old chat rooms. Chatted with Becca and Kelly for a wonderful and whopping three hours last night. And it felt so good. Miss you girls.

24 things I still want to do will be posted soon!

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