January 14, 2009

Wine Bottle Herb Planters

I was trying to find a thoughtful, inexpensive, green gift for everyone over the holidays, and then I saw this DIY over at Design*Sponge, and I had to try it. Vases made from wine bottles! How cool?! This process got to be quite tedious, but it was fun to try, and they turned out pretty well.

Instead of using them as vases, I made them into little herb planters. I got some little black rocks (meant for the bottom of a fish tank), some soil, and some basil, chive, and rosemary seeds. I put the rocks at the bottom of the bottles so the soil drains properly.

Aren't they cute? Probably cuter with sprouts.

Word has it that the basil and chives have sprouted and are now an inch tall! Keep me posted on their progress, gardeners! I'd love to see photos.

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