January 15, 2009

Job Hunt

Hey there!

I'm just going to throw this right out there into the open:

I'm on the search for a new job!

Unfortunately I was laid off by Orange Element this week, due to a lack of clients and projects. You can pretty much sum up my wide range of emotions this week with: shocked, lonely, lost, and a little bit excited.

I really loved my job, but I'm convinced I'll find something else to make me just as happy, if not happier. It's going to take some time, a lot of effort, and all the help I can get.

So! If you have any advice, leads, connections, freelance opportunities—please send it all my way.

Also, I'm not limiting myself to graphic design jobs. Though I do have a passion for design, I miss interacting with people more often. As a designer, I sit in front of a computer for at least eight hours a day, with very little social interaction. That's rough some days. (But I'm still not ruling design out, either!)

Some things I've been thinking about—could I teach (elementary? HS?)? Work at a University? In admissions? Student Activities? Event plan? Brand Market? Work in social media? Teach for America? A staff job of some kind at a Non-Profit? Back to school?

I'm not sure what I'd be qualified for. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Delaware, and I can send you my resumé if you'd like to know more. I can also send you a PDF portfolio with samples of my design work. And if you want to donate a copy of Dreamweaver to me, I can have a website, too.

I got my last job because Garret read one of my blog posts, so I figured it's worth a shot. Hopefully I haven't already spent all of my get-a-job-through-my-blog tokens.



Sue said...

Hey, just from our quick emails back and forth, and finding out about your situation, you sound great! You're right to admit its always a little exciting as much as it is sad and scary and those other crappy emotions. I found craigslist and monster and LinkedIn to all be very useful and to stand out in my mind during the time I was searching for a job over the past 3 months. Monster is actually just a good public space to have your resume on the Internet, and its quick to set up a profile and to create and save job search filters. I had people contacting me, and I think it was because they found it on Monster. Craigslist is great too because its more personal and quirky. I found that after replying to an ad, I was exchanging emails sooner and more frequently with people posting job ads to craigslist. But I think LinkedIn is actually really important at this point, because its still new, but I think its gaining popularity, and it will probably gain even more and carry more weight because of recommendations. I really believe it'll become a lot more competitive as time goes on, and that people who already have recommendations will be better off, because as the space becomes more popular and more public, more people will read those recommendations, and inevitably people will become more selective about who they recommend. I also went through and did a Facebook spring cleaning, and generally take stock of my presence on the web. Sorry this got so long, its all fresh in my mind. Let me know if you need anything!

Stacy said...

I know how you feel - I felt the same way when I lost my job... Sad to leave, but excited to start the next thing. Good luck! If you ever need to commiserate, shoot me an email...lol

Sarah Erin said...

Thank you Sue and Stacy! Good thoughts, for sure. I spent the last week revamping my web presence, reworking my portfolio, fixing up my resumé and getting my feelers out there!

I really appreciate all this support from friends and family, and even from some folks I've never met!


Samantha said...

I work at MICA and with your art background a position w/ MICA may be a perfect fit. Not sure what positions are open but check the website.

Godspeed :)