January 27, 2009

Graphic Designers in Love

Scott sent me this today:

Though he's not a graphic designer, he knows what kerning is. I'm so proud ; )

[From toothpastefordinner.com]


Christopher said...

What does kerning meean?

Sarah Erin said...

Kerning is the space between letters. Designers adjust the spaces between letters in headlines and logos so that there is optically the same amount of space between each letter.

For example: DELAWARE

See all that space between the L and the A? It makes it read more like DEL AWARE. If you were designing a headline or logo for DELAWARE, you might increase the spacing between all of the other letters so that it didn't look disproportionate.

And that's kerning : )

Sarah Erin said...

...and bad kerning is called keming.

; )