April 30, 2008

Twist on Flip Flops

At the end of last summer I trashed all of my rubber flip flops after realizing how sloppy they made me look. I'd been wearing them with almost any outfit during any season throughout college (especially since heals were impossible on the brick pathways). After graduating, I decided to try to challenge myself to not have them at all for a while.

I've missed them, but I've learned that life goes on without flip flops.

But of course, now that I've learned it's possible to get by without them, I discovered these at Old Navy. A unique twist on your typical flip flop.

Now I'm not saying I'm going to revert back to my old ways, but sometimes you just need a pair of flip flops.

So I bought a pair in gray at the store, but that was before I knew these multicolor ones existed. Hmm...

April 29, 2008

A Tiny Street Art Project

Little People – a tiny street art project.

Little handpainted people, left in London to fend for themselves.

Truly smile-worthy.

April 28, 2008

Maditi Likes

Maditi likes yellow.

I like Maditi.

I first discovered Maditi on Etsy, but now it appears she has moved to her own website at Maditi.com. I can't seem to find out much about her, other than the fact that she is a she, and she takes stunning polaroids of seemingly everyday things. She makes them beautiful.

Brilliant color.

Sadly, she's no longer selling her work (at least for now). She used to have gorgeous postcard sets and posters with collections of photos on Etsy.

Here is her photo blog.
Here is her flickr homepage.
Here are the things she likes.


[image from maditi's blog]

April 25, 2008

Happy Friday!

Spice up your work life at today's office dare. It looks like the creators have taken a little vacation. Perhaps the concept is a little better than the execution.

On another note, hooray for a successful week of posting! I have decided to attempt to blog five days a week, and take the weekends off to explore, have fun, play. This way I'll actually have things to blog about during the week. After all, what would life be with nothing to blog about? Haha.

Have a great weekend!

See ya Monday!

April 24, 2008

Human Calendar

Heh, cool. From here.

Come back tomorrow – it should change on its own.

April 22, 2008

Earth Day

For Earth Day, I present the first cilantro leaf, baby basil sprouts, and tomato sprout in our little window sill herb garden! I'm really trying! But sadly, this is usually the point at which my plants die (or Robin, the pup, eats them). Maybe with some Earth Day luck, these little guys will tough it out for the long haul.

Advice from this point on?

Doing anything cool for Earth Day?

I'm planning on going to Baltimore Green Week's Ecofestival this Saturday. If you're looking for earthy things to do in your area, check out the Earth Day 2008 website.

April 21, 2008

You're Just So Pleasant

Have a listen

Why Do You Let Me Stay Here by She & Him.

Why don't you sit right down and make me smile /
You make me feel like I am just a child

Thanks to Becca for introducing me to them (though I'm convinced she really likes them because of the ampersand in their name. haha.).

April 20, 2008

Welcome Rain

I love warm rain. And comfy Sundays.

Brace yourself for a post every day this week!

April 10, 2008


• Handful of frozen sliced peaches
• Handful of frozen whole strawberries
• Ocean Spray cranberry + pacific raspberry (no sugar added)

Sometimes I add...
• Plain nonfat yogurt
• Lime juice
• Lemon juice

Blend in your handy dandy magic bullet. Or blender. Gulp.

Frozen fruit is better than using ice, which waters down the flavor.

The juice is so key – I've been looking for the perfect juice for smoothies for a long time. I really don't like apple juice (it's overpowering in smoothies), and it's hard to find good juice that is sweet enough on its own without high fructose corn syrup, but here I've finally found the perfect stuff!

April 9, 2008

My Pharmacist Thinks I'm Weird

I think it's safe to say this is the first time I've ever been excited to pick up a prescription. Thanks to Target's (relatively) new packaging, and now prices that are competitive with WalMart's $4 generic RX deal (not that I frequent WalMart), I was actually happy when my doctor wrote me a prescription for something. I could finally check out Target's beauteous bottles for myself. And no worries, I didn't play hypochondriac or anything.

Even the bag is perfect.

So I'll back up a minute here, because you are probably wondering where all this drug-bottle enthusiasm came from.

Last year I did a presentation on the case study for ClearRx (a prescription bottle re-design by SVA's Deborah Adler). Adler noticed a problem that hadn't been addressed in decades: prescription bottles that are hard to read and easily confused with other pill bottles in the same cabinet. She came up with a brilliant solution, SafeRx, which was adopted by Target, and is now called ClearRx.

If you haven't already, I highly recommend you take a moment to check out this website devoted to the project. It's so fascinating.

So, I guess I've been pretty healthy, because I haven't needed many prescriptions since I first read about this project. Now that I have a toothache (ouch!), at least there's a silver lining. I got to check out some awesome packaging for myself.

To sum up why I am so thrilled about pill packaging, it's because this case study perfectly illustrates why I love design:

Design can make peoples' lives better.

So even though I'm a little slow at getting around to it, thank you Target, for being brave enough and smart enough to run with Adler's brilliant idea.

April 8, 2008

Kate Nash

Kate Nash is coming to Baltimore on April 18th, but the concert sold out just before we were going to buy tickets. This ridiculous video made me even more sad that I'm not going to the concert:

I bet her concerts are fun!

Annnd by the way, I don't like ticket scalpers. The tickets originally cost $15 but now they're being sold for $45+... and I'm not big on paying that much for concerts.


April 7, 2008

Gettin My Green Thumb On

Our backyard is rather concrete and blah, so I'm verrry excited that the weather is finally getting warmer because we can add some GREEN!

I'm new to this gardening stuff (if you can call it that), but if gardening skills are genetic, I'm in good shape! I'll take any advice I can get, so feel free to give me tips, please.

That's Laverne the fern in the upper left. Or perhaps it's LaFerne. Scott came up with the name, of course.

Yesterday I bought LaFerne, and planted three big pots. One is for grass. One is for a hydrangea (mom, going to need your advice on how to take care of it – is this pot big enough to start it??), and one is a pot of mint and strawberries. I'm starting the grass and mint from the seeds, so we shall see. How difficult are strawberries?

Covered the woodchip corner (back right) with two inches of soil and sprinkled with grass seed. Cross your fingers for me that the grass actually grows!

My galoshes and a closeup of the hydrangea (bought it at Lowe's).

Annnd here are the flowers I planted a week ago. I've kept them inside on the window sill, covered with saran wrap to create a little mini greenhouse action. I still get as excited about new sprouts as I did when I was a little kid. How cool?!

I'll post about the basil, oregano and cilantro soon.
They're sprouting, too!

April 6, 2008

House Guest

Guinness is staying at the Batcave (aka mine & maggie's place) for the next 10 days while his dad (Kevin) is in China.

Guinness is funny. And soft. After all, he is a silky terrier.

This post sounds a lot like my 2nd grade journal entries.

April 2, 2008


How lovely are these patterns? They are from JosephKing's Flickr set, "Security Patterns." He collects patterns from the insides of envelopes – another great idea for what to do with junk mail.

I can't say I've ever stopped to appreciate the beautiful simplicity of the patterns on the inside of envelopes until now. I love when an artist has the ability to make you stop and notice something you've never noticed before, especially when it's something you've passed by a thousand times before.

Via Design*Sponge.