December 1, 2008

These boots are made...

...for ME! I've been coveting western-ish boots for years now, seriously. Mom could vouch for that. But I could never really find what I wanted – some kind of a cross between fashion boots and cowboy boots to wear with dresses.

Well I finally found them! And I got a smashing deal on them, too!

Behold, the Steve Madden Gimbal:

So only they were listed for $140. I've never spent that much on shoes. So I felt all smart and I found a 10% off deal online, but decided to go try them on at the store first, since that's still way more than I've ever spent on shoes. I'd never done Black Friday weekend shopping before, but Scott and I decided to give it a go (no early morning lines or any of that craziness, though).

We walked into Steve Madden and they gave us these scratch-off lottery-type cards. I won a 25% discount! Then the girl told me they were 10% off already. Then we saw a sign on the counter that said 10% student discount with student ID – which Scott conveniently had with him. She said we could combine all the discounts, so I scored my dream boots for $70. Totally reasonable (especially considering I was ready to spend $126). And no tax in Delaware!

Just had to share : ) Probably more than you needed to know.

So I like Black Friday shopping in extreme moderation – when you set out to find something specific and get a great deal.

Oh and by the way, $70 included two boots, despite this pic ; )


Scott Zero said...

And mine are sweet too.

Anonymous said...

Nothing like getting a great deal on something you would probably get anyway!!!


Sarah Erin said...

Yes yes! Hello there, Uncle Curt : )

Kayley said...
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