November 12, 2008


No, I did not make that blanket, but I want to learn how!

I decided I wanted to get back into crocheting – mainly because I picked out a color palette for my room, and I have no blankets. Sooo I want to make a blanket for myself with my new colors.

I was planning on basic stripes (that's all I know how to do), but then I came across these gorgeous wave/ripple patterns. I watched a few tutorial videos online, but they make it seem too complex for me (even though people say it's simple?).

Do you know how to do this? Can you show me?


Ladybird said...

It is really not much harder than the straight row. All you have to do though is always count... I made some baby blankets like this and they kinda went at a angle when done.

Are you coming to Thanksgiving this year? Maybe we can crochet together. I am working on a hexagonal granny quilt. I bit more of a challenge than my scarves. :)
Aunt Sharon

Ladybird said...

Try these Instructions. They are pretty simple. :)

Ladybird said...

try again

Sarah Erin said...

Ooh thank you Sharon! I think I decided to go for simplicity and straight rows... it's so much easier than having to count all the time.

Unfortunately I won't make it to Arkansas for Thanksgiving, but I will be home for Christmas! See you then!

Samantha said...

I'm a knitter, mainly but I know the VERY BASICS of crocheting. There are some awesome patterns / people on You have to sign up and wait for your invite, but it's soooo worth it.

Also, if you're interested in taking a class, Lovelyarns in Hampden has great classes (and yarns). I took a knitting class there a few months ago. Loved it.

Heather said...

Lion Brand Yarns, has a great free catalog they send you and loads of free patterns online, they also rate them for level of difficulty and have both crochet and knitting. I made this one and it is fantastic, I was very proud.