September 22, 2008

Summer Pasta...with a twist

Mamma Z made some delicious "Summer Pasta with a twist" while we were in Connecticut. Yum! I love new combinations of simple ingredients.

Scott and I recreated it last night. It's fresh, easy, and sooo tasty.

Summer Pasta:
• Shell pasta (large shells are best, but sometimes hard to find)
• Fresh tomatoes, diced
• Fresh basil, coarsely chopped
• Fresh garlic, minced
• Olive oil

With a Twist:
• Add fresh corn on the cob

With a double Twist:
• Add goat cheese

Cook the pasta, cook the corn. Cut corn off the cob. Heat olive oil & garlic. Toss everything together. Feast.

PS Don't ever let Mama Z see you using pre-minced garlic. (Don't worry, we used fresh garlic for this).


Blessed said...

Looks soooo delicious.

Am printing out and going to try.
(I'll get some fresh garlic : ) )

Love Ya! G. Peggy

I think I will like the change in hairdo and color. Isn't it so much fun changing both. Glad I'm a girl.

aaron said...

um, you have inspired caroline and i to skip taco bell and eat some healthy stuff! this looks really good.

Rachel said...

I totally made this tonight (and I NEVER cook)! I think I impressed/shocked my mom and jr, haha. I substituted pine nuts for corn and you can't go wrong with goat cheese!

Thanks for sharing!

Sue said...

my mouth is totally watering right now :oP

Brody said...

That looks delicious! And kudos on the fresh garlic! ;)