July 2, 2008

Print Liberation

I'm totally digging this book. I just added it to my Amazon.com wishlist, under "highest priority." Only $16.49!

I've been missing screenprinting like crazy since I took a beginner class fall semester of my senior year at UD. It made me use color and illustration in a whole new way.

So I came across this book at NOTCOT, and I'm thinking it might give me some inspiration for how to make screenprinting possible in my teeny house with no extra space. I really would love to set up some space so that I could make prints and start my own Etsy shop [I'll have to post about that soon. I have a lot of ideas and a serious lack of direction.]. Perhaps outside and at my desk in the basement which I never use?

Anyway, back to the book. Here's where it came from. Same place as the Obama shirt! It tells you every single thing you need to get started.

And it's so purrrrty.

Oh and here is their wacky trailer they made for the book.


My name's Haley said...

I looooove Print Liberation! I miss screenprinting sooooo much. I have so many ideas, but no where to print them.

PS I can't stop posting music after you had that little embeding tip. Thanks Sarah!

Michael said...

Hey, I just bought this book and would highly recommend it. I print a lot in my basement and the Print Lib book was very very useful. So if you have the chance, pick it up!