July 7, 2008

Fourth of July

We had a fabulous Fourth of July celebration, thanks to all of our amazing friends. Potluck BBQs are definitely the way to go! We played all evening in our backyard, drank beer and ate hotdogs and burgers and pie and corn and watermelon, walked down to the harbor just in time for fireworks (and glorious rain), walked back, roasted s'mores over the grill and played Apples to Apples till the wee hours of the morning.

Bruce & Robin, right before Bruce desecrated the chalk flag.

Tiff & ML (go UD!), EJ & Brian (yay new friends!), Me & Maggie.

Becca & Bill (yay out-of-towners!), me & EJ (go Orange Element!), me & Grant (screaming for PIE!).

The backyard, the fireworks over the harbor, the zoo crew, the UD crew.

Check out Scott's awesome rotating gif of the fireworks! haha.

Life is good : )


Blessed said...

So glad to see the big 4th of July celebration.

We used to have more than a 100 folks over to our house on Georgia St.

Prepared for days and days ahead.

I'm a real flag waver and of course a loud proclaimer that


See you soon.

Love forever. G. Peggy

ps: did you get the invite to brunch on Sunday?

ML said...

Fantastic pictures! Thanks again for a great day :)