July 14, 2008

Chinese Food

Two things that were, sadly, not as delicious as they looked:

Smucker discovered a treasure in Newark last month: a Chinese grocery store. Scott and I went to check it out, and these are the two purchases I made. The sesame sticky bun thing was rather impossible to chew, and the strawberry sticks were, well... I didn't like them berry much. But I wanted to share anyway.

I was really hoping to find some fresh lotus root because I keep seeing pictures of it and it looks so awesome. I want to make lotus chips! Anybody know where I could find it in Baltimore?

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Sue said...

dude, the sesame ball is totally an acquired taste, give it another shot. but if you really didn't like it, they have packages of red bean buns in the freezer which are delicious, and these small frozen rice balls filled with sweet minced nuts that you boil and if you're not perturbed by the fact that they have the consistency of testacles, are also amazing as a snack or for dessert. and the bok choy, oh the bok choy!