June 24, 2008

Off with Her Head!

Found a great little post here about a graffiti artist in London who fancies decapitating people on billboards. I spared squeamish readers– the images on the site are much more gruesome!

It's wonderfully dark humor, though I'm not sure I'd like to bump into this creeper.

So who's seen the Sex & the City movie? I haven't yet, so don't spoil it!

[image by Flickr user The Decapitator]


Johnny said...

When these first started appearing, the decapitatees were exclusively women, which was a little unsettling. It's good, I guess, that he's become an equal opportunity head-remover.

But mostly what bothers me is his shaky grasp of anatomy: THAT IS A LEG BONE.

Anonymous said...

Creepy for sure!
I saw Sex and the City. You must see it! That's all I'll say...