June 8, 2008

Kinetic Sculpture Race

Shame on me for not posting these sooner! This year's Kinetic Sculpture Race in Baltimore was appropriately ridiculous (especially because it was the first time I got to see it).

The American Visionary Art Museum describes the race as, "A race of wacky, imaginative, totally human powered works of art designed to travel on land, through mud, and over deep harbor waters constructed out of used bicycles, gears, and parts, created by a lunatic genius who tinkers around in the garage or backyard (Do you know this person?) The machines can be simple, small crafts, piloted by only one brave soul, or they can be over 50 feet long, extremely well-engineered, sophisticated vehicles powered by a team of pilots."

Next year we definitely have to go see them compete in the obstacle course in Patterson Park.

And maybe the next year we'll create our own and enter the race. Maybe.

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