June 20, 2008

Crushing on Southwest

I stumbled upon this site and found this ad. I kinda love it.

I didn't realize how much I liked it until my stepdad, airline guru, broke it down for me. I emailed it to him when I found it to ask him what he thought, and here was his response:

"It is an extremely clever ad. They are very good at taking advantage of a moment, and the move by American (and now USAir, United and others) to charge for checked bags was a ripe moment for them.

"It also is a very ballsy ad and a testament to the strength of Southwest's brand image, to wit: Nobody has called them on the fact that their entire customer service model is built on the premise of giving the customer less. No assigned seat. No inflight entertainment. No meals, ever. No first class section, even if you want to pay for it. As a matter of company policy, they won't even give you a whole can of soda. They take your 'order' and return with one little plastic cup with about 4 ounces of pop in it, so they can always serve three customers out of one can. In other words, Southwest invented the concept of making money by forcing the customers to accept #$*!% as 'customer service.' The only difference is that they do it with a smile and a joke. Amazing."

Great analysis overall, but I have to to disagree with the part where he said they are forcing customers to accept #$*!%. I don't think Southwest gives me #$*!%, I think they just take me where I wanna go without offering me a bunch of junk I don't really need.

And! They've never lost my bags, or kept me on the tarmac for hours, or treated me in a rude manner, though many other airlines have.

I love the ad because it's an honest, playful, gutsy little jab.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

I used to have a strong dislike for Southwest. I complained because I felt like a cow being herded along. I felt anxious not knowing where I would sit on the plane!

Then one day when I was booking a flight and I was getting a great fare I realized that I don't want froo-froo. I don't drink soda and I could care less about the snack pack or nuts they hand out. I want to go to my destination hassle-free.
Of all the many times that I've flown Southwest, I can only remember one flight being delayed. No one has ever been rude to me. The flight attendants are relaxed and corny. A change I had to get used to but now I like.

Southwest gives your dad and I easy access to you and Justin. We can't beat that!

I have to say they're brilliant in this day and age of flying!


rebecca said...

I love that ad! And I love Southwest... it's definitely my preferred airline. I always check around to see if something is cheaper, but nothing ever is! The fact that if I wanted to, I could hop over to Vegas or several cities in CA for about $50 makes me oh-so-very-happy.