June 4, 2008

30 Days + Hulu

This is a fantastic show, and this is a great way to watch it. 30 Days is from Morgan Spurlock, the guy who created the Supersize Me documentary about McDonalds.

It's funny, smart, and entirely eye-opening. Basically, the show puts people in situations they aren't familiar with. They have to deal with it for 30 days. We get to watch. And learn.

For example, a Christian man moves in with a Muslim family in a primarily Muslim community. A conservative, straight man lives for a month with a gay roommate in Castro, one of the gayest cities in America. An energy-guzzling city couple lives off-the-grid in an eco-friendly commune called "The Dancing Rabbit" for a month (they even put their own humanure to use!).

I highly recommend that ya check it out. You can watch it right now, for free (legally!) at Hulu. You don't even have to register. Hulu is just that awesome.

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