May 21, 2008


I like trying to figure out whether this guy had the idea to do this as a project from the start, or whether he did it the day before it was due. It seems rather complete for a last-minute video.

Or maybe he made this just for the heck of it, to put off something else he should've been doing.

Procrastination is watching a video about procrastination and then writing a blog post about the procrastination video...instead of going to bed on time.

(Rachel – could you please analyze the meta-ness of this post?)



Rachel said...

That was trippy!

...meta-procrasti-blogging? meta-media?

diverted said...

procrastination is trying to make the goldfish on your desktop do synchronous swimming!

Sarah Erin said...

hahaha dad I can totally picture you sitting there with your little synchronized fishies following your mouse.

And rachel, yep, I think you summed it up nicely. Meta-procrastination (procrastinating by posting a video about procrastination) and meta blogging, of course, because I'm blogging about blogging.

All the cool kids are doing it.

diverted said...

the coolest part of synchronized fish swimming is when you move the mouse back and forth in a line east-west-east-west until the fish get in a tight school following you, and when you reverse course right through the middle of the school of fish, they loop around to follow, with half looping to the north, and half looping to the south...