May 16, 2008

Hottest Trash on the Point

Thanks to some hot pink spray paint and a little masking tape magic, Maggie and I made our trash cans very... recognizable. I think they actually look pretty cool. Bloggable!

Yes, we have three cans (two for recycling, since it only comes every other week). That does seem like a lot. But aren't they cute?

I am happy to say that we recycle significantly more than we trash!

And, umm, there may or may not be some fuschia evidence left on our concrete backyard... do you have any recommendations for the most eco-friendly way to scrub it off?

PS Thanks Maggie for letting me borrow your camera!


Garret Ohm said...

Dude, Sarah! That is awesome!!!! Great idea. Very creative.

Rachel said...

i love those trashcans! spraypaint is my new favorite tool.

mmmmaggie said...

you forgot to mention how your talented roommate did an artistic twist on the old boring recycle logo. (it had nothing to do with it being a spur of the moment project and me being hopelessly unartistic!)