May 6, 2008


Loving this fish gadget for iGoogle, created by Adam Bowman. When you add it to your home page, the fish follow your mouse, eagerly awaiting your click, which drops some food for them to munch. Except... I'm not sure fish munch. A better word, anyone?

You can select your own colors and number of fish, but I actually prefer the default colors.

Thanks for the recommendation, Dad!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,
Great news about the new 'gig'....sounds just like you

Proud again,
Uncle Mark

mmmmaggie said...

gulp? scarf? inhale?

Sarah Erin said...

gulp is definitely more fishy.

thanks maggie.

and thanks uncle mark! it's going well so far!

ML said...

so so so cute!
i just added it to my igoogle...definitely makes me smile :D

thanks for sharing!

Bill said...

i was thinking nibble.

diverted said...

YES. they are nibbling.

Ryan said...

Hey Sarah.....just stumbled across your blog from Orange Element. And I'm glad I did because now I have goldfish to keep me entertained on my iGoogle.

Congrats on the job!