April 30, 2008

Twist on Flip Flops

At the end of last summer I trashed all of my rubber flip flops after realizing how sloppy they made me look. I'd been wearing them with almost any outfit during any season throughout college (especially since heals were impossible on the brick pathways). After graduating, I decided to try to challenge myself to not have them at all for a while.

I've missed them, but I've learned that life goes on without flip flops.

But of course, now that I've learned it's possible to get by without them, I discovered these at Old Navy. A unique twist on your typical flip flop.

Now I'm not saying I'm going to revert back to my old ways, but sometimes you just need a pair of flip flops.

So I bought a pair in gray at the store, but that was before I knew these multicolor ones existed. Hmm...

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