April 7, 2008

Gettin My Green Thumb On

Our backyard is rather concrete and blah, so I'm verrry excited that the weather is finally getting warmer because we can add some GREEN!

I'm new to this gardening stuff (if you can call it that), but if gardening skills are genetic, I'm in good shape! I'll take any advice I can get, so feel free to give me tips, please.

That's Laverne the fern in the upper left. Or perhaps it's LaFerne. Scott came up with the name, of course.

Yesterday I bought LaFerne, and planted three big pots. One is for grass. One is for a hydrangea (mom, going to need your advice on how to take care of it – is this pot big enough to start it??), and one is a pot of mint and strawberries. I'm starting the grass and mint from the seeds, so we shall see. How difficult are strawberries?

Covered the woodchip corner (back right) with two inches of soil and sprinkled with grass seed. Cross your fingers for me that the grass actually grows!

My galoshes and a closeup of the hydrangea (bought it at Lowe's).

Annnd here are the flowers I planted a week ago. I've kept them inside on the window sill, covered with saran wrap to create a little mini greenhouse action. I still get as excited about new sprouts as I did when I was a little kid. How cool?!

I'll post about the basil, oregano and cilantro soon.
They're sprouting, too!


Blessed said...

Container gardeing is so wonderful.

I'm headed for the garden places today after exrcise.

How hot does it get there in July and August?

Love. G. Peggy

The galoshes are soooo stylish : )

Sarah Erin said...

Hi G-Momma,

I think it gets about as hot/humid as St. Louis does. People in St. Louis tend to think of Baltimore/Delaware as being more north than it is, and people in Baltimore/Delaware tend to think St. Louis is more down south.

In reality, they are rather straight across from each other.

And ohhh, the humidity! In both!