April 22, 2008

Earth Day

For Earth Day, I present the first cilantro leaf, baby basil sprouts, and tomato sprout in our little window sill herb garden! I'm really trying! But sadly, this is usually the point at which my plants die (or Robin, the pup, eats them). Maybe with some Earth Day luck, these little guys will tough it out for the long haul.

Advice from this point on?

Doing anything cool for Earth Day?

I'm planning on going to Baltimore Green Week's Ecofestival this Saturday. If you're looking for earthy things to do in your area, check out the Earth Day 2008 website.


diverted said...

3 for 3.

Anonymous said...

I officially joined the A/B Green this year. (have been involved with plantings and river clean-up on the Mighty Mississippi in the past) We planted 18 new trees and shrubs at a little park in South St. Louis (Cherokee park - close to the brewery).

Uncle Curt