April 10, 2008


• Handful of frozen sliced peaches
• Handful of frozen whole strawberries
• Ocean Spray cranberry + pacific raspberry (no sugar added)

Sometimes I add...
• Plain nonfat yogurt
• Lime juice
• Lemon juice

Blend in your handy dandy magic bullet. Or blender. Gulp.

Frozen fruit is better than using ice, which waters down the flavor.

The juice is so key – I've been looking for the perfect juice for smoothies for a long time. I really don't like apple juice (it's overpowering in smoothies), and it's hard to find good juice that is sweet enough on its own without high fructose corn syrup, but here I've finally found the perfect stuff!


Blessed said...

You are absolutely right about the frozen fruit.
I most always put a banana in too.
Great way to use overripe bananas. They are really sweet.

I, too,like using cranberry juice.

Sometimes I do like orange juice, and a bit of pineapple juice added with OJ is really good.

So quick and sooooo good.

Add a bagal and cream cheese for fiber and protein and WOW!

Weight Watchers bagals are high in fiber and very soft. I use them for sandwiches. They do have that awful HFCS, but I'm hoping not too much. (What is the matter with those WW folks!)

Thanks for sharing. Glad you mentioned the Magic Bullet. I have had a hard time convincing the family of how great and convenient it is!

Sarah Erin said...

Hey there G.Peggy!

I love bananas in smoothies, too, but sadly I'm a little allergic to bananas. It's a bummer.

Cranberry juice is yummy but sometimes it's a bit too tart for a smoothie, which is why the cran-raspberry is pure bliss. I'll have to try the pineapple juice, too.

And I hear you on the magic bullet thing! I always thought they'd be cheap and weak, but they are so convenient for single-serving stuff.

Kiersten said...

You really do make a mean smoothie, Sarah!

Delish ;)