March 30, 2008

Sssshown Up.

Today, while I was in search of some 3D versions of the letter S, I came across this fantastic Flickr set of 228 esses! What's even more impressive is that this Leo Reynolds has a collection of every letter, and even some punctuation. Wow.

It's sort of daunting, yet still inspirational. I won't be adding his work to my collection, however, because I want to keep my collection a little more personal (and, obviously, because it belongs to him!). Of course, if you ever find an S you'd like to share with me, please feel free : )

Better go get cracking on my own collection. I have a little list going of esses I've seen around Baltimore when I didn't have a camera or the opportunity to stop. When the weather gets a little warmer, I'll definitely make a Sssssaturday of it.

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