March 1, 2008

NaBloPoMo Lists

National Blog Posting Month. It's actually in November, but apparently they're starting this deal where they give you a theme every month to encourage you to blog every day for that month. I learned about this through Becca's blog.

March is the month of Lists.

And anyone who spends much time around me at all knows that I freakin love lists. More than the average person. I make grocery lists and organize them by section of the grocery store. I make to-do lists at work and at home. I make lists of what movies to see. I make lists of things I want to do. Restaurants to eat at. Places I saw the letter S and need to go back to take a picture. I have even been tempted to make a list of lists I want to make (and I must admit that I started my list of lists when I heard March was the month of lists).

Sooo I cannot resist. I will attempt one list a day for the entire month.

Here are my favorite places to write lists:

1) My Five-Star Notebook. Small enough to fit in my big purse.
2) Post-it Ruled Notes. Perfect for the fridge.
3) Google Documents. Easy to access and update over time.

Google docs are my new favorite because you can access them anywhere there's internet, and they recently updated the "print" option so that it's easy to print cleanly. Love it.

Have any odd lists you keep over time? Seen any great lists lately?


Suzanne said...

I think you have met your match for list making...I LOVE to make lists too!!! I have so many going. I'll have to look at the Google list maker, sounds like fun.

Sarah Erin said...

Sounds like stiff competition. But...

1) Do you make so many lists that your roommate laughs at you?

2) Do you ever write things on your to-do list that you've actually just completed, just so that you can cross them off and feel productive?

3) Do you rewrite lists once the majority of the list is crossed off and it's too messy?

4) Do you fantasize about creating a list of lists?

Let the list competition begin.

Suzanne said...

Yes to questions 2-4 and I would guess that if I had a roommate, they would laugh at me. Does it count that the women I work with joke about my lists and give me a hard time about being so organized?!