March 26, 2008

I just want to DANCE

Went out last Thursday to Power Plant. Finished out the night with some dancing. Sweet Deals on Thursdays! While we were there I saw this video for the first time:

Amazing! Thanks to ML for introducing me to Justice.

I've been a little behind this year in the music world. I guess I will never be an emo hipster. Shucks. (Can emo even be an adjective for hipster? Is that too redundant? I'm soo not in tune with this myspace-ish lingo).

Despite the face that this came out last summer, hopefully it is new to some of you! Enjoy : )


Bill said...

It sure is catchy, perhaps too catchy.

Sarah Erin said...

Yeah I know, a lot of people are already sick of it.

But I'm not!

: )

ML said...

yay justice! i love this video & them in general <3