March 3, 2008

Baltimore Design Studios

01) Orange Element
02) Exit 10
03) Six Ink
04) Spur Design
05) Rutka Weadock Design
06) Gilah Press
07) Ashton Design
08) Shaw Jelveh
09) Punch
10) Tilt Studio
11) Novak-Birch
12) Neustadt Creative Marketing

Know of any others? I love getting to know my city : )

[image from Rutka Weadock's Cyclops identity]


Garret Ohm said...

Hi Sarah! Thanks for listing Orange Element at #1! While there are many talented design and communications firms in Baltimore, we like to think that we're up there on the list! Feel free to drop by and check out our blog sometime, too!


Sarah Erin said...

Gladly : )

Thanks for visiting!