March 4, 2008

Brand Loyalty

Apparently I'm a stickler when it comes to certain food and beauty products. I tried to create a list of brands I'm loyal to, in general, and everything I came up with was either food- or beauty-related. Interesting. I wouldn't say that means I only care about food and beauty, but what does it say about me? Not sure.

Anyone want to take a stab at that?

Brands I'm Crazy About:

01) OPI. Nail polish. My momma uses it and nothing else, and her nails always look stellar. Hi mom : ) Really, every time I paint my own nails with OPI, it looks like a professional manicure. Each bottle's about $8 a pop, but that's half as much as a manicure and there are a lot of manicures in every bottle.

02) Heinz. Ketchup. If there isn't Heinz, I'll go without ketchup.

03) Target. Affordable design. But Target is trouble, because it's impossible to go into that place without leaving with half the store. My very favorite things about Target right now are the Target Brand make-up remover (with a lovely hint of lavender scent, and no gross leftover residue), and the relatively new line of nickel-free jewelry (pictured). And they aren't lying! I'm not allergic to it! Wahoo! Exclamation point!

04) Reach. Reach's Access Flosser. Flossing would be a lost hope for me if it wasn't for this invention.

05) Five Star. Notebooks. Some how my handwriting looks better in these things.

06) Tropicana. Orange juice. With lots of pulp, please.

07) Neutrogena. Mascara. InStyle's Getting Gorgeous introduced me to wax-free mascara. It doesn't irritate my eyes the way others do.

08) Aveeno. Body Wash. A delicious hint of vanilla, but still fresh and clean. Too bad it's a bit pricey for a body wash.

09) Chapstick. Classic.

10) Prego. Traditional. A lot of people seem to think I'm crazy for this, and despite my mom being an excellent chef, we really never made homemade red sauce / marinara / gravy / whatever you call it. If you are going with the jarred stuff and you taste test all the brands, Prego is truly the best. Add a splash of red wine and you're really good to go.

Some other favorites (I'm not sure I'm brand-exclusive with them yet): Baggu reusable shopping bags, NARS eyeliner, and Henkel knives.

And lastly, I do own a Mac, and I prefer a Mac. In fact, I love my Mac. And I really wouldn't want anything else. But some how, I wouldn't call myself an Apple fanatic. I don't like the whole snobbery thing that goes along with it. I just like my computer.

What brands are you stubborn about?

1 comment:

Blessed said...

I have made a VERY concerted effort to stay out of Target.

They must have incredible buyers, and their promotions/ads are great!

Seriously, I do not go in there unless absolutely necessary. Something I don't need always ends up in my cart!

Heinz or nothing? Interesting.

I love you so much. G. Peggy